Tammy and I are in NYC - and then onto Boston!

Yesterday, after spending most of the day dealing with replacement tires, printing out business cards and picking up prescriptions, Tammy and I drove from Syracuse to NYC for the first leg of her millipede of a Fall tour. She'll be doing a signing this evening from 5 - 7 PM at Books of Wonder along with Laura Anne Gilman and Tui T. Sutherland. If I can, I'll take and post pictures from the event here - but since I'm just learning how this blogging thing works, I can't promise anything....

This morning when I picked up my e-mail, I discovered that several items I'd hoped to put on Tammy's site before leaving had just come through - so I did a major upgrade...on my laptop...before coffee.... You can go to her site (tamorapierce.com) for all that, plus her (jawdropping!) Fall Schedule - or here's a quick rundown, if you actually make it here first:

- The podcast (or "netcast", as Leo Laporte prefers to call them) Marvel did between Tammy, our editor Ruwan Jayatilleke and I, and several members of the comic book media (including Jennifer Contino of PULSE e-zine) is finally up! You can listen to it right here.

- Tammy's being feted (on a Greek salad?) in Boston this weekend, along with Judith Viorst, Andrew Clements and Timothy Ering (I did a start when I read that the first time, as his last name looks like a frequent misspelling of my middle name!), at the Eighth Annual Literary Lights for Children Event Sunday afternoon. I promised one of the organizers I'd mention tickets are still on sale ($50 adults, $25 children) for the event itself (call
617-536-3886 for more details), or the booksigning at the Boston Public Library afterwards is absolutely free. I'll try and take/post pics of that here, too....

- Webcomic writer/illustrator/publisher (and longtime Tamora Pierce fan) Molly Durst has written a brief "How to Get Published in Comics" article for Tammy's site. Check it out - but be advised her webcomic isn't for the parents of younger teens.... ;)

- In the "good news/bad news" department: Ruwan sent me the full-color "reveal" splash page of Angela in her White Tiger costume for the first time, including dialogue balloon (which looks really great!). Unfortunately, he sent it in PDF format, and for some reason that eludes me my copy of PhotoShop CS2 won't allow me to strip out the image and post it as a JPEG! (There's a workaround in PS Album, but the image comes out as a negative image,and inverting the colors makes them look...wan....) But if you want the 1 MB-plus PDF, here it is....

Well, I'm off to take some pictures of Riverside Park, Grant's Tomb and Midtown so Phil has reference pictures when he draws the appropriate pages. If you make it to Books of Wonder tonight, say "Hi" - I'm the middle-aged bald guy in the red polo shirt and dark houndstooth tweed jacket.... :)



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