Pics from Books of Wonder Signing

Sorry about the quality of the pics, everybody - I had to set my digicam to virtual 400 ASA to get decently-lit pics, even w/a flash, which is why they came out looking grainy. This pic here comes from the discussion that preceded the signing - Peter Glassman stanidng on the far left owns Books of Wonder, Tammy's sititng next to him, sitting next to her is Laura Anne Gilman (editor and author of The Grail series), and Tui T. Sutherland (author of the Avatars series).

Unusually for Books of Wonder, Peter had short readings and a Q&A sessions prior to the signage - in the past, the authors have just shown up and signed books.

If you've seen the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie YOU'VE GOT MAIL, you may recognize the exterior of Books of Wonder as being the store Meg Ryan's character owned. Thankfully, unlike in the movie Books of Wonder is alive, well and recently expanded to include a coffee and dessert bar inside (which I don't have any pictures of, more's the pity!).

After the Q&A, the fans lined up for get their books signed. Not wanting to be in the way, I was in the coffee bar talking with some of the Sheroes gang, and a few people interested in how writing comics was different than writing books - as well as our best bud, Raquel, who still lives in NYC.

Peter said overall it was a good event - Tammy, as usual after a big public appearance, was so wiped she could barely eat dinner....


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